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Cementless arthroplasty in osteoarthrosis secondary to congenital dislocation of the hip

Mehmet Asik, I. Remzi Tozun, Ibrahim Tuncay, Fehmi Daldal, Fahri Seyhan

(AOTT 1996; 30: 41-44)

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Anatomic total hip arhrplasty Zimmer and our preliminary results

Mehmet Asik, Sarper M. Cetinkaya, Remzi Tuzun, Fahri Seyhan

(AOTT 1996; 30: 144-147)

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Fractures of the pelvis: principles of diagnosis and treatment new concepts

Mehmet Asik, Sirri Basturk, Onder Yazicioglu, Fahri Seyhan

(AOTT 1996; 30: 199-205)

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