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A review of malpractice claims concerning orthopedic applications submitted to the Council of Forensic Medicine

Mesut Mehmet Sonmez, Faik Mustafa Seckin, Bener Sen, Nur Birgen, Aysegul Ertan, Irfan Ozturk

(AOTT 2009; 43: 351-358) DOI: 10.3944/AOTT.2009.351

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The use of a tissue expander before complete subtalar release in clubfoot surgery

Bener Sen, Mehmet Asik, Aytug Ertav, Ahmet Kapukaya

(AOTT 1992; 26: 50-54)

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Reconstruction of fullthickness cartilage defects by transfer of pedicellated periosteal autografts under the influence of intermittent active motion

Bener Sen, Mehmet Asik, Korkmaz Doner, Adem Arslan, Ahmet Kapukaya, Aytug Ertav

(AOTT 1992; 26: 125-129)

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