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The effect of tolmetin on tendon healing A biomechanical study on rabbits

Gokhan Maralcan, Erol Gokturk, Akin Turgut, Nusret Kose, Sinan Seber

(AOTT 1999; 33: 216-220)

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Treatment of simple bone cysts by autograft and xenograft combination

Nusret Kose, Izge Gunal, Erol Gokturk, Sinan Seber, Akin Turgut, Gokhan Maralcan

(AOTT 1998; 32: 148-151)

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The relationship between pes planus and calcaneal spur to plantar heel pain

Nusret Kose, Erol Gokturk, Akin Turgut, Sinan Seber, Bulent Hazer

(AOTT 1998; 32: 322-324)

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