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Six years results on functional reduction of congenital dislocation of hip

Ali Sonmezler, Gayyur Kurap, Tufan Kaleli, Recai Ozdemir

(AOTT 1987; 21: 5-7)

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Experimental study of the effects of steroids MPS and MPA frequently applied into the knee joint on the articular cartilage

Cemil Karabay, Gayyur Kurap, Asaf Alemli, Ali Sonmezler

(AOTT 1981; 15: 38-54)

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The Types Histology and Histophysioiogy of Lipomas A case report

Ali Sonmezler, Gayyur Kurap, Ertan Destan

(AOTT 1980; 14: 40-48)

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