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Arthroplasty for the treatment of joint degeneration caused by ochronosis in two cases

Mehmet Kefeli, Yilmaz Tomak, Bilge Can, Sancar Baris

(AOTT 2008; 42: 139-144)

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Tendon repair with the strengthened modified Kessler modified Kessler and Savage suture techniques: a biomechanical comparison

Ahmet Piskin, Aydin Yuceturk, Yilmaz Tomak, Mete Ozer, Birol Gulman, Azat Ataman, Mustafa Kangal, Yilmaz Sahin, Eren Desteli, Taner Alic

(AOTT 2007; 41: 238-243)

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Evaluation of patellofemoral joint congruity following total knee arthroplasties

Birol Gulman, Emin Ergun, Yilmaz Tomak

(AOTT 2003; 37: 353-358)

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