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Patellar instability: arthroscopic surgery, indications and techniques


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AOTT 2004; 38: Supplement 119-126
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A significant incidence of knee pain and disability arise fro m patellofemoral disorders. An accurate diagnosis relies both on a comprehensive history and a careful physical examina - tion; radiologic modalities also play an important part in the diagnosis and follow-up. Most patellofemoral disorders can be examined in three groups: pain due to soft tissue abnor - malities, patellar instability, and patellofemoral osteoarthri - tis. Conservative therapy can be successful in many patellofemoral disorders. Surgical treatment consists of lat - eral release, medial plication and reconstruction of the medi - al patellofemoral ligament, proximal and distal r e a l i g n - ments, patellar osteotomies, and patellectomy. In traumatic dislocations primary reconstruction or arthroscopy assisted medial stabilization can be performed.

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