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Effect of osteosarcopenia on the development of a second compression fracture and mortality in elderly patients after vertebroplasty


Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Liv Hospital Ulus Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey


Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Istinye University, Istanbul, Turkey

AOTT 2023; 57: 271-276
DOI: 10.5152/j.aott.2023.23099
Read: 463 Downloads: 154 Published: 24 October 2023

Objective: This study aimed to investigate the effect of osteosarcopenia on second fracture development and mortality in patients aged above 60 years undergoing vertebroplasty because of osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture (OVCF).

Methods: A retrospective evaluation was conducted on 104 patients treated by vertebroplasty because of OVF between 2016 and 2021. The L3 vertebra Hounsfield unit values and the psoas muscle index (PMI) values measured at the L3 vertebra level were obtained from the patients’ medical data and computed tomography images. Using these measurements, the patients were divided into 3 groups: only osteoporosis (OO group), only sarcopenia (OS group), and osteosarcopenia (OSP group). Differences between the groups were evaluated regarding second OVCF development and mortality.

Results: The study included 104 patients, comprising 30 males and 74 females aged 60-92 years. The OS group included 10 patients, the OO group included 54 patients, and the OSP group consisted of 40 patients. A single vertebral fracture occurred in 72 patients, and 2 vertebral fractures occurred in 32 patients. The chi-square test, Mann–Whitney U-test, Kruskal–Wallis test, and Kaplan–Meier survival analysis results showed no statistically significant difference between the 3 groups for the risk of second vertebral fracture. Sarcopenia, either alone or in combination with osteoporosis, was seen to have a negative effect on the survival of patients who underwent vertebro- plasty following a vertebral fracture.

Conclusion: This study has shown that osteosarcopenia did not increase the risk of developing a second vertebral fracture, but it increased mortality 2.8-fold for those who underwent vertebroplasty after vertebral fracture.

Level of Evidence: Level III, Prognostic study.

Cite this article as: Kara GK, Ozturk C. Effect of osteosarcopenia on the development of a second compression fracture and mortality in elderly patients after vertebroplasty. Acta Orthop Traumatol Turc., 2023;57(5):271-276.

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