Acta Orthopaedica et Traumatologica Turcica


AOTT 2016; 50: -1--1
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In this issue of the AOTT, we are happy to greet you with many innovations such as an international publisher, a new page design and a new article review system. Actually, the real reason for our happiness is that we are able to even publish our journal, which has a history of more than 50 years. I guess all of our readers heard about the attempted coup that occurred in Turkey on July 15, 2016. This attempted coup failed thanks to the wholehearted resistance of patriotic Turkish people, police and soldiers who believe in democracy and are loyal to their country. If this attempt were successful, the deep chaos that would have broken out in Turkey would have resulted in the loss of all gains that our country has made over many years. The peaceful and freethinking environment that are critical to the academic lifestyle our readers always desire, would probably never be possible again.

The AOTT has taken another step towards becoming an international journal with the publication of this issue. I am sure that the experience and worldwide accessibility of Elsevier, our new publisher, will make contributions to our journal. According to the agreement signed with Elsevier, TOTDER will continue to own the copyright of the articles published. The newly-published issues of the AOTT, and its articles, ready for printing, can also be accessed on the Science Direct database ( In addition, a new AOTT page can be found on the Elsevier website:

We had to change the system we use to review article submissions during this process. We accept new articles from the EVISE system of Elsevier ( We will continue to review the articles that have already been taken under review in the Editorial Manager system that we used previously until the process is completed. We are aware that continuing with two different systems will temporarily cause our writers and reviewers to have difficulties. However, I think the ease of EVISE’s editing and monitoring processes after acceptance will facilitate the works of all of us. Articles accepted for publication will be published on PubMed shortly after the English redaction process is completed. EVISE also uses plagiarism control software called iThenticate, which enables us to identify articles that use excessive numbers of citations from previously published articles when they are submitted.

All articles accepted for publication by this journal have been edited for proper use of the English language by professional institutions since 2000. The costs of this service have been met by TOTDER and TSOT and have not affected writers until now. Unfortunately, I must inform you that our writers will henceforth have to pay for this redaction service. We will request that the articles be sent by their writes to a professional redaction service when deemed necessary by our technical team, and then be sent us back with the corrections and a certificate from this service. The redaction firms from which AOTT previously received service will offer a discount to our writers.

I hope to greet you soon with our new issue.

Prof. Dr. Önder Kılıçoğlu
AOTT Editor-in-Chief

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