Acta Orthopaedica et Traumatologica Turcica


AOTT 2016; 50: -1--1
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Dear AOTT readers,

With the 6th issue of 2016, we are completing the 50th volume of our journal. Year 2016 was a year of numerous changes for AOTT. Our Editorial Board witnessed significant changes, we have a new publisher and we have made some adjustments to the layout of our journal. Our technical editors put considerable amount of time to establish our new study format and deliver the journal to you.

In 2016, we received about 500 article submissions. Our technical and associate editors dedicated their time to the reviewing and pre-publishing processes. However, we would like to express our deepest thanks to our reviewers, who provided their work and experience gratuitously. It is a fact that, today, all journals working with reviewers had challenges in finding reviewers and thus, their review process is hindered. Today, we present you with the list of all our reviewers in 2016. On this occasion, we will break our tradition and give you the list grouped under the number of articles reviewed. Some reviewers achieved real high numbers by positively responding to all our review requests. On behalf of our authors, readers and the Editorial Board, I would like to thank all our reviewers, and especially those who gratified all our review requests.

In order to distribute the article review requests on a broader basis, our editors utilize the databases of Elsevier in addition to our previously compiled database of reviewers. I believe many of our readers, who are not on the roster, have not received requests as they are not subscribed on the EVISE system or have wrong mail addresses on the records. Those who would like to contribute to AOTT by their reviews may simply do so by sending their requests to [email protected], stating their field of interest.

Looking forward to meeting you shortly with the first issue of 2017, Best regards, 

Prof. Dr. Önder Kılıçoğlu

AOTT Editor-in-Chief 

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