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Vol 36, Supplementum 1 (2002)

Radiologic imaging modalities in foot and ankle disorders

Devrim Akseki, Ugur Ozic

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Ligament injuries of the ankle

Haluk Yetkin, Ulunay Kanatlı

Pages :9-20Download PDF

Soft tissue impingement syndromes of the ankle

Halit Pinar, Devrim Akseki

Pages :21-26Download PDF

Osteochondral lesions of the talus

Isik Akgun, Tahir Ogut

Pages :27-36Download PDF

Subtalar joint instability

E. Esin Kayaoglu, Mehmet S. Binnet

Pages :37-41Download PDF

Achilles tendon diseases and its management

Mahmut Nedim Doral, Onur Tetik, O. Ahmet Atay, Gursel Leblebicioglu, Ali Oznur

Pages :42-46Download PDF

Tarsal tunnel syndrome in sports

Mustafa Urguden, Hazım Sekban

Pages :47-53Download PDF

Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction in athletes

Ahmet Turan Aydin, Yetkin Soyuncu

Pages :54-62Download PDF

Heel pain in athletes

Hakan Ozdemir

Pages :63-72Download PDF

Plantar fasciitis in athletes

Semih Gur

Pages :73-81Download PDF

Morton’s neuroma

Ali Oznur, Mahmut Nedim Doral, Akin Cil, O. Ahmet Atay, Onur Tetik

Pages :82-86Download PDF

Comparison of four evaluation systems used for ankle injuries

Devrim Akseki, Halit Pinar, Murat Bozkurt, Kadir Yaldız

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