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Vol 37 Supplementum 1 (2003)

Original Article
Arthroscopic capsular shrinkage for posterosuperior internal impingement of the shoulder

Onder Kilicoglu, Mehmet Demirhan, Cem Esenyel

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The course of historical development of treatment approaches to rotator cuff-related problems

Yilmaz Akalin, Ata Can Atalar

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Anatomy, biomechanics, and physiopathology of the rotator cuff

Sercan Akpinar, Gurkan Ozkoc, Necip Cesur

Pages :4-12Download PDF

Diagnostic imaging of the rotator cuff\nDiagnostic imaging of the rotator cuff

Remide Arkun

Pages :13-26Download PDF

Subacromial impingement syndrome: Pathogenesis, clinical features, and examination methods

Senol Akman, Metin Kucukkaya

Pages :27-34Download PDF

The value of acromioplasty in the treatment of subacromial impingement syndrome

Hayrettin Kesmezacar, Muharrem Babacan, Rıfat Erginer, Tahir Ogut, Eren Cansu

Pages :35-41Download PDF

Problems pertaining to the long head of the biceps brachii in subacromial impingement syndrome

Muhittin Sener, Hafiz Aydin, Sertac Saruhan, Celal Baki

Pages :42-47Download PDF

Open surgical techniques for subacromial impingement syndrome

Selcuk Bolukbası, Ulunay Kanatli

Pages :48-53Download PDF

Arthroscopy of the shoulder: general principles and stages for promoting competence

Isik Akgun, Hayrettin Kesmezacar

Pages :54-68Download PDF

Arthroscopic subacromial decompression in the treatment of impingement syndrome

Osman Guven, Murat Bezer

Pages :69-76Download PDF

Classification of rotator cuff tears

Mustafa Yel, Mehmet Arazi

Pages :77-82Download PDF

Methods for fixation of the rotator cuff

Ata Can Atalar, Mehmet Demirhan

Pages :83-86Download PDF

Massive rotator cuff tears: diagnosis and treatment techniques

Ahmet Ekin, Cem Ozcan

Pages :87-92Download PDF

All arthroscopic treatment of rotator cuff tears

Mehmet Demirhan, Cem Zeki Esenyel

Pages :93-104Download PDF

Conservative treatment of subacromial impingement syndrome

Aysegul Cakmak

Pages :112-118Download PDF

Rehabilitation following anterior acromioplasty

Zeynep Guven

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Subacromial impingement syndrome in athletes: prevention and exercise programs

Gul Baltaci

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