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Vol 39, Supplementum 1 (2005)

Open surgical treatment of recurrent anterior instability of the shoulder

Selcuk Bolukbas─▒, Ulunay Kanatli, Ahmet Ekin, Mustafa Ozkan, Aykin Simsek

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Arthroscopic treatment of traumatic anterior glenohumeral instability

Mehmet Demirhan, Cem Zeki Esenyel

Pages :57-74Download PDF

Open surgical treatment of posterior instability of the shoulder

Isik Akgun, Hayrettin Kesmezacar, Tahir Ogut, Mehmet Can Unlu

Pages :75-82Download PDF

Multidirectional shoulder instability and open surgical procedures

Ahmet Ekin, Mustafa Ozkan, Selcuk Bolukbasi, Ulunay Kanatli, Tolga Karci

Pages :83-89Download PDF

Cronic dislocations of the shoulder

Murat Bezer, Osman Guven, Mustafa Karahan

Pages :90-95Download PDF

Thermal assisted arthroscopic stabilization of unstable shoulder

Sercan Akpinar, Mustafa Uysal, Gurkan Ozkoc, N. Reha Tandogan

Pages :96-102Download PDF

Lesions of the superior labrum anterior-posterior and biceps tendon

Mustafa Karahan, Murat Bezer, Osman Guven

Pages :103-108Download PDF

Rehabilitation of shoulder instability following surgery

Elif Akalin, Selmin Gulbahar, Ramazan Kizil

Pages :109-118Download PDF

The historical course of diagnosis and treatment of shoulder instability

Yilmaz Akalin, Ata Can Atalar

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Anatomy, biomechanics, and pathophysiology of instability of the glenohumeral joint

Ulunay Kanatli, Selcuk Bolukbas─▒, Ahmet Ekin, Mustafa Ozkan, Aykin Simsek

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Shoulder instability: classification and methods of clinical examination

Mustafa Ozkan, Ahmet Ekin, Selcuk Bolukbas─▒, Ulunay Kanatli, Ertan Sagol

Pages :14-23Download PDF

Radiologic evaluation of shoulder instability: conventional radiography, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging

Muharrem Babacan, Hayrettin Kesmezacar, Tahir Ogut, Eren Cansu, Rifat Erginer

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Evaluation of shoulder instability under general anesthesia and arthroscopic diagnosis

Mehmet Demirtas

Pages :34-39Download PDF

The evaluation and treatment of acute anterior shoulder dislocation

Hayrettin Kesmezacar

Pages :40-47Download PDF

Complications following surgical treatment of shoulder instability and revision interventions for stabilization

Mustafa Yel, Mehmet Arazi, Hakan Senaran

Pages :119-125Download PDF

Glenohumeral instability and arthrosis

Senol Akman, Faik Seckin, Burak Sener

Pages :126-133Download PDF

Factors associated with failure in the surgical treatment of shoulder instability

Muhittin Sener, Serhan Yagdi, Hasan Karapinar

Pages :134-138Download PDF

Shoulder instability in athletes: principles of diagnosis and treatment

Osman Guven, Mustafa Karahan, Murat Bezer

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