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Vol 39, No 1 (2005)

Original Article
Evaluation of the surgical results of Achilles tendon ruptures by gait analysis and isokinetic muscle strength measurements

Fadel Naim, Aykin Simsek, Serkan Sipahioglu, Erdinc Esen, Gokhan Cakmak

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Treatment of femoral shaft fractures and pseudoarthrosis with compressive and interlocking intramedullary nailing

Erhan Yilmaz, Lokman Karakurt, Mehmet Bulut, Oktay Belhan, Erhan Serin

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Surgical management of hip instabilities in children with spina bifida

Bulent Erol, Murat Bezer, Fatih Kucukdurmaz, Osman Guven

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Closed reduction and percutaneous pinning with three Kirschner wires in children with type III displaced supracondylar fractures of the humerus

Levent Karapinar, Hasan Ozturk, Taskin Altay, Bayram Kose

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The effect of long- or short-arm casting on the stability of reduction and bone mineral density in conservative treatment of Colles’ fractures

Mustafa Sahin, Bulent A. Tasbas, Bulent Daglar, Kenan Bayrakci, Mustafa S. Savas, Ugur Gunel

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The use of local anesthesia in endoscopic release of the carpal tunnel

Tolga Tuzuner, Kutay Engin Ozturan, Mehmet Subasi, Erkut Karaca

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Treatment of AO type C2-C3 fractures of the distal end of the radius with external fixation

Mahmut Komurcu, Levent Kamaci, M. Taner Ozdemir, A. Sabri Atesalp, Mustafa Basbozkurt

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Management of fibular hemimelia with the Ilizarov circular external fixator

Mustafa Basbozkurt, Cemil Yildiz, Mahmut Komurcu, Bahtiyar Demiralp, Mustafa Kurklu, A. Sabri Atesalp

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Our clinical experience in the treatment of snakebites

Kadir Ertem, Irfan Esenkaya, M. Akif Kaygusuz, Caner Turan

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Psychiatric symptoms in patients treated with an Ilizarov external fixator

Cemil Yildiz, Ozcan Uzun, Ebru Sinici, A. Sabri Atesalp, Aytekin Ozsahin, Mustafa Basbozkurt

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Experimental Study
Histopathologic and morphometric changes in rat nerve and blood vessels associated with femoral lengthening

Onder Kalenderer, Oya Gore, Ali Dulgeroglu

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The factors affecting thermal necrosis secondary to the application of the Ilizarov transosseous wire

Muharrem Inan, Bulent Mizrak, Kadir Ertem, Ahmet Harma, Nurzat Elmali, Irfan Ayan

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Case Report
Total dislodgement of the femoral component following cemented total knee arthroplasty: a case report

Sukru Arac, Vasfi Karatosun

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A case of lumbar ganglion cyst causing radiculopathy

Abdullah Milcan, Cengiz Ozdemir, Tuba Karabacak, Meltem Nas Duce, Celal Bagdatoglu

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An isolated sacral fracture and a fracture dislocation in two pediatric patients

I. Erhan Mumcuoglu, Mehmet Albayrak, Gazi Zorer

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