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Vol 38, No 5 (2004)

Original Article
Treatment results of pseudarthrosis of the humeral shaft by open reduction and internal fixation with dynamic compression plating

Yusuf Ozturkmen, Mahmut Karamehmetoglu, Mustafa Caniklioglu, Ali Volkan Özlük

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An evaluation of knee ligament injuries encountered in skiers at the Uludağ Ski Center

Burak Demirag, Tevfik Oncan, Kemal Durak

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The results of single-stage multilevel muscle-tendon surgery in the lower extremities of patients with spastic cerebral palsy

Gazi Zorer, Cemal Dogrul, Mehmet Albayrak, A. Erdem Bagatur

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The role of electrophysiologic tests in the early diagnosis of posterior interosseous neuropathy in patients thought to have lateral epicondylitis

Abtullah Milcan, Aynur Ozge, Gunsah Sahin, Mehmet Saracoglu, Fehmi Kuyurtar

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The mid-term results of minimal medial epicondylectomy and decompression for cubital tunnel syndrome

Bulent Erol, Cihangir Tetik, Evrim Sirin

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Long-term results of autograft and allograft applications in hand enchondromas

Huseyin Yercan, Tackin Ozalp, Erhan Coskunol, Oguz Ozdemir

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The prevalance of orthopedic disabilities in the district of Çay, Afyon, Turkey

Gokhan Maralcan, Ilhami Kuru, Umit Yusuf Aydin, Levent Altinel, Mehmet Eray Bozan, Hulya Ellidokuz

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Experimental Study
The chondroprotective effect of intra-articular hyaluronic acid at early stages of osteoarthritis: An experimental study in rabbits

Cengiz Sen, Taner Gunes, Baransel Saygi, Mehmet Erdem, Resit Dogan Koseoglu, Nurten Kilic

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Case Report
The development of osteosarcoma following radiotherapy for fibrous dysplasia

Murat Altay, Kenan Bayrakci, Yusuf Yildiz, Yener Saglik

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Tibial osteomyelitis following intraosseous infusion: a case report

Ali Dogan, Hasan Irmak, Mustafa Harman, Abdullah Ceylan, Fuat Akpinar, Nihat Tosun

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Delayed diagnosis of isolated ulnopalmar dislocation of the fifth carpometacarpal joint and its treatment with open reduction and internal fixation

Ozcan Pehlivan, Ibrahim Akmaz, Mahir Mahirogullari, A. Serkan Unsal

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