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Vol 36, No 3 (2002)

Original Article
Total hip arthroplasty and problems encountered in patients with high-riding developmental dysplasia of the hip

Necdet Saglam, Nadir Sener, Burak Beksac, I. Remzi Tozun

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Cemented total hip arthroplasty for severe dysplasia or congenital dislocation of the hip

Yusuf Ozturkmen, Mahmut Karli, Cemal Dogrul

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Is sufficient femoral head coverage obtained after Pemberton’s pericapsular osteotomy? Evaluation by three-dimensional computed tomographic reconstruction

A. Erdem Bagatur, Gazi Zorer, Y. Bilge Surel

Pages :203-210Download PDF

Treatment of femoral shaft fractures with interlocking intramedullary nailing

Tolga Tuzuner, Mehmet Subasi, Ahmet Kapukaya, N. Serdar Necmioglu

Pages :211-219Download PDF

Intramedullary stabilization of pediatric diaphyseal femur fractures with elastic Ender nails

Yusuf Ozturkmen, Cemal Dogrul, Mehmet B. Balioglu, Mahmut Karli

Pages :220-227Download PDF

Arthroscopic meniscal repair with the use of conventional suturing materials

Mehmet Asik, Cengiz Sen, Omer F. Taser, Yunus V. Sozen, Aziz K. Alturfan

Pages :228-235Download PDF

Removal of the wadding from the wound in shotgun-pellet injuries

Irfan Esenkaya

Pages :236-241Download PDF

The results of surgical treatment in ankle fractures

Erhan Yilmaz, Lokman Karakurt, Erhan Serin, Mehmet Bulut

Pages :242-247Download PDF

The effect of deep deltoid ligament release on dorsiflexion in congenital clubfoot treated with complete subtalar release

Ahmet Dogan, A. Erdem Bagatur, Gazi Zorer

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The effect of percutaneous trigger finger release on normal anatomic structures and long-term results of the procedure

B. Alper Kilic, Esat Kiter, Yasar Selcuk

Pages :256-258Download PDF

The results of open surgical release in carpal tunnel syndrome and evaluation of follow-up criteria

Senol Akman, Erden Erturer, Munevver Celik, Bulent Aksoy, Bulent Gur, Irfan Ozturk

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Case Report
A case of bilateral unicameral bone cyst of the calcaneus and surgical outcome

Senol Akman, Bulent Gur, Faik Seckin, Irfan Ozturk

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Injury to the spinal cord without any radiographic abnormality in a child

Haldun Orhun, Gursel Saka, Tugrul Berkel

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