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Vol 23, No 1 (1989)

Original Article
Fractures of the ankle\nFractures of the ankle

Omer Taser, Alp Goksan, Mehmet Asik

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The importance of radioisotopic findings in diagnosis and evaluation of femoral head avascular necrosis

R. Tozun, M. Kocaoglu, E. Yesiller, S. Dogan

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Experimental Study
Experimental investigation of the effects of levamisole in prophylaxis of fat embolism syndrome

Osman Guven, Tanil Esmenli

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Anterior sagital instability of the ankle

Can Bulucu, Osman Guven

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A study of anisotropy made by microhardness measurements on cancellous bone of human femoral head

M. Yildiz, G. Cakir, A. H. Ucisik

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The effect of sublaminar wiring on rat peridural tissues and medulla spinalis

Murat Hiz, Nafiz Bilsel, Gultekin Kaner, Mehmet Alp Goksan, Cihangir Yurdoglu

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Effects of local pH changes on osteogenesis

Osman Guven

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Case Report
Open traumatic posterior dislocation of the hip

Azmi Hamzaoglu, Mehmet Cakmak, Hilmi C. Aydinok, Sabahattin Sahinkaya

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Familial carpal and tarsal synostosis and symphalangism

Osman Koruklu, Sitki Percin, Tansel Unsaldi

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SEP incompletely sectioned medulla spinalis

Gungor Sami Cakirgil, Tarik Yazar

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Atlanto-occipital instability in Down s syndrome.

Sitki Percin, Osman Koruklu, Orhan Solak

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Soft tissue chondromas in the hand

Ahmet T. Aydin, G. Karpuzoglu, E. Nuzumlali

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Severe congenital dislocation of the knee

Ali Bicimoglu, Mehmet Culhaoglu

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Breakage of screws after osteosynthesis

Ozer Ulku, Irfan Sozen

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Arthrography of the wrist joint

Ahmet Turan Aydin, Ersin Luleci

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