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Vol 22, No 5 (1988)

Original Article
Arthroscopy and treatment in acute ACL injuries

Levent Kostem

Pages :177-183Download PDF

Extraarthicular treatment methods of anterior ligament lesions

Ilker Ozsut

Pages :188-190Download PDF

Morphology and pathogenesis of meniscal lesions

Adil Surat

Pages :196-202Download PDF

Surgical treatment of meniscal lesions

Omer Sarlak, Ahmet Kiral

Pages :229-234Download PDF

Comparison of arthrographic findings with operative findings in meniscus lesions

Nafiz Bilsel

Pages :235-236Download PDF

Rehabilitation program after surgical treatment of meniscus lesions

Sabahattin Sahinkaya

Pages :237-238Download PDF

Diagnostic and operative arthroscopy

Levent Kostem, Ahmet Sebik, Veli Lok, Bulent Zeren, Fikret Oztop, Yavuz Ziya Onal, Yalcin Ademoglu

Pages :243-245Download PDF

Diagnostic arthroscopy in sportive knee injuries

Ahmet T. Aydin, Erdogan Altinel, Semih Gur

Pages :246-247Download PDF

The effects of arthroscopically performed partial menisectomy and semi-arthroscopic repair of peripheral meniscus tear on ligamenteous stability

Mahmut Nedim Doral, O. Sahap Atik, Levent Bozbeyoglu, Feza Korkusuz

Pages :248-251Download PDF

Cartilage lesions resulting frorm intra-articular corticosteroid injections

Levent Kostem, Fikret Oztop, Ahmet Sebik, Yalcin Ademoglu, Zafer Kement

Pages :257-259Download PDF

Case Report
Arthroscopic lateral fascial release in patellar Malalignement Syndrome

Mahmut Nedim Doral, O. Sahap Atik, Ertugrul Sener

Pages :252-254Download PDF

Transarthroscopic surgical procedures on the treatment of osteochondritis dissecans

Ersin Nuzumlali, Ahmet T. Aydin

Pages :255-256Download PDF

Congenital aplasia of anterior cruciate ligament

Fikret Oztop, Levent Kostem, Ahmet Sebik, Yalcin Ademoglu, Yusuf Ziya Onal

Pages :260-261Download PDF

Intraaticular reconstructions in anterior cruciate ligament injuries and new concepts in rehabilitation

Ahmet Sebik

Pages :184-187Download PDF

Biomechanics and functional anatomy of meniscii

Aziz Alturfan

Pages :191-195Download PDF

Clinical features in meniscus lesions

Mahmut Karli

Pages :203-204Download PDF

Radiologic methods in the diagnosis of meniscus lesions

Ugur Talaslı

Pages :205-208Download PDF

Differential diagnosis of meniscus lesions

Bulent Alparslan

Pages :209-212Download PDF

Meniscus tears and conservative treatment

I. Metin Turkmen

Pages :213-214Download PDF

Arthroscopy in the diagnosis of meniscus lesions

Omer Taser

Pages :215-216Download PDF

Arhroscopy in the diagnosis of meniscal lesions

Aziz Alturfan

Pages :217-220Download PDF

Arthroscopic surgery in meniscus lesions

Veli Lok

Pages :221-228Download PDF

Evaluation criteria for traumatic knee pathologies

Mehmet S. Binnet, Ridvan Ege, Yalim Ates

Pages :239-242Download PDF

Plica Syndrome a case of anterior knee pain

Halit Pinar

Pages :268-271Download PDF

Arthroscopic surgery of the knee

Aziz Alturfan, Halit Pinar

Pages :262-267Download PDF

Arthroscopy in acute traumatic hemarthrosis of the knee

Halit Pinar

Pages :272-274Download PDF