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Vol 27, No 4 (1993)

history of orthopedics in Turkey II

Hayri Tanacan

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Original Article
Conservative theraphy method and conclusions about subacromial impingement syndrome

Senol Akman, Mehmet Demirhan, Yilmaz Akalin, Mahmut Berkman, Zeynep Orenk

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The treatment of supracondylar fractures in children by open reduction

Yavuz Kabukcuoglu, Irfan Ozturk, Guven Bulut, Unal Kuzgun

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Cotrel-Dubousset jnstrumentation for the fixation of thoracic and lumbar vertebral fractures (110 cases)

C. Argenson, J. Lovet, F. De Peretti, M. Perraud, P. Boileau, P.M. Cambas, J.M. Puch

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Diastrophic dwarfism

Mahmut Berkman, Cengiz Sen, Mehmet Demirhan, Sinan Aksu, Sarper Cetinkaya

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Reason of pain in postnucleotomy syndrome and its treatment

Mustafa Yucel

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Experimental Study
Results of treatment methods in the long term of experimental septic arthritis

Murat Gurun, Omer F. Bilgen, Oner Gedikoglu, Ufuk Aydinli

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Anatomic investigations of the juncturae tendineum of the hand in cadavers

Atilla Arinci, Murat Topalan, Ferda Dokuztug, Metin Erer

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Case Report
A multiple fragmented unstable pelvic fracture with delayed urogenital complication we treated surgical (case report)

Mehmet Asik, Sirri Basturk, Onder Yazicioglu, Hayati Durmaz, Aziz Alturfan

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Remodelation of the spinal column after burst fractures

Ercan Cetinus, Hakan Huner, Mustafa Akyildiz, Ilhan Cever

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Poland s syndrome (A case report)

Osman U. Calpur, Seref Aktas

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Congenital dislocation of the radial head

Erdem Bagatur

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A calcaneal stress fracture after a football game

Zafer Orhan, Ahmet Kurt, Atilla Parmaksizoglu, Necati Yilmaz

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Antibiotic prophylaxis for open fractures

Mehmet Vatansever, Fehmi Kuyurtar

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