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Vol 52, No 3 (2018)

Research Papers
Prevalence estimation and familial tendency of common forefoot deformities in Turkey: A survey of 2662 adults

Uğur ŞAYLI, Elif Çiğdem ALTUNOK, Melih GÜVEN, Budak AKMAN, Jnev BİROS, Ayşe ŞAYLI

Pages : 167- 173Download PDF

Surgical correction of hallux valgus deformity in children with cerebral palsy

Ilker Abdullah SARİKAYA, Ali SEKER, Ozan Ali ERDAL, Mehmet Ali TALMAC, Muharrem INAN

Pages : 174- 178Download PDF

Analysis of factors affecting baseline SF-36 Mental Component Summary in Adult Spinal Deformity and its impact on surgical outcomes

Tiro MMOPELWA, Selim AYHAN, Selcen YUKSEL, Vugar NABİYEV, Asli NİYAZİ, Ferran PELLİSE, Ahmet ALANAY, Francisco Javier Sanchez Perez GRUESO, Frank KLEİNSTUCK, Ibrahim OBEİD, Emre ACAROGLU

Pages : 179- 184Download PDF

Anterior decompression and plate fixation in treatment of cervical myelopathy: A multicentric retrospective review

Carlo DORİA, Giulia Raffaella MOSELE, Massimo BALSANO, Gianluca MAESTRETTİ, Gianfilippo CAGGİARİ

Pages : 185- 190Download PDF

Intraoperative evaluation of polymorphonuclear leukocyte during second-stage revision surgery promote overdiagnosis of persistent periprosthetic joint infection

Yoshinobu SAİTOH, Takao SETOGUCHİ, Takako YOSHİOKA, Junichiro NİSHİ, Akihide TANİMOTO, Setsuro KOMİYA

Pages : 191- 195Download PDF

Assessment of hip abductors by MRI after total hip arthroplasty and effect of fatty atrophy on functional outcome

Emrah KOVALAK, Hanife ÖZDEMİR, Cenk ERMUTLU, Abdullah OBUT

Pages : 196- 200Download PDF

The different role of each head of the triceps brachii muscle in elbow extension

Erica KHOLİNNE, Rizki Fajar ZULKARNAİN, Yu Cheng SUN, Sungjoon LİM, Jae-myeung CHUN, In-ho JEON

Pages : 201- 205Download PDF

Cross-cultural adaptation of Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic shoulder and elbow score: Reliability and validity in Turkish-speaking overhead athletes

Elif TURGUT, Volga Bayrakci TUNAY

Pages : 206- 210Download PDF

Lunate excision with capitohamate fusion in the treatment of stage IIIB and IIIC Kienböck's disease

Mesut TAHTA, Cem OZCAN, Gurkan YİLDİZ, Izge GUNAL, Muhittin SENER

Pages : 211- 215Download PDF

Treatment outcome of dome osteotomy of the pelvis combined with trochanteric advancement for sequelae of Perthes' disease

Asep SANTOSO, Pramod Shaligram INGALE, Ik-sun CHOİ, Young-rok SHİN, Kyung-soon PARK, Taek-rim YOON

Pages : 216- 221Download PDF

Comparison of tramadol/acetaminophen fixed-dose combination, tramadol, and acetaminophen in patients undergoing ambulatory arthroscopic meniscectomy

Filiz Alkaya SOLMAZ, Emrah KOVALAK

Pages : 222- 225Download PDF

Investigation of the biomechanical and histopathological effects of autologous conditioned serum on healing of Achilles tendon

Erdinç GENÇ, Ozan BEYTEMUR, Serdar YUKSEL, Yılmaz EREN, Aysel ÇAĞLAR, Bedri Onur KÜÇÜKYILDIRIM, Mehmet Akif GÜLEÇ

Pages : 226- 231Download PDF

Case Report
Aneurysmal bone cyst healing response with intramedullary lengthening nail


Pages : 232- 235Download PDF

Malignant triton tumor of the gluteal region in a patient unaffected by neurofibromatosis: A case report

Abdullah MERTER, Kerem BAŞARIR, Yusuf YILDIZ, Yener SAĞLIK

Pages : 236- 239Download PDF

Brown-Sequard syndrome caused by hyperextension in a patient with atlantoaxial subluxation due to an os odontoideum

Dong-yeong LEE, Soon-taek JEONG, Tae-ho LEE, Dong-hee KİM

Pages : 240- 243Download PDF