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Vol 27, No 2 (1993)

Original Article
Surgical treatment of lateral humeral condylar fractures in children

Irfan Ozturk, Mehmet Tezer, Unal Kuzgun

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11 years retrospective analysis of bone and soft tissue tumors

Ethem Gur, Mustafa Basbozkurt, A. Sabri Atesalp, Vecihi Kirdemir, Mustafa L. Baydar, Kaan Erler

Pages :82-86Download PDF

Intraspinal and urogenital system abnormalities in congenital deformities of the spine

Ufuk Aydinli, Azmi Hamzaoglu, Cuneyt Sar, Ufuk Talu, Levent Eralp

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The evaluation of results of proximal and distal osteotomy in the treatment of hallux valgus

Anday Tatar, Mustafa Caniklioglu, Deniz Algun, Nuri Col, Murat Mert

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Transaxillary resection of the first rib in the treatment of thoracic outlet syndrome

Sacit Turanli, Temel Tacal

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The use of reverse radial forearm flap in the treatment of tissue defects of hand and wrist

Oguz Cetinkale, Hayati Durmaz, Orhan Cizmeci, Metin Erer

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Bone banking and early results of our clinical experience

Mahmut Kis, Serdar Akalin, Teoman Benli, Mert Tuzuner, Mehmet Citak, Serhan Ozlu

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Evaluation of sensation after digital nerve operations

Banu Kuran, Ismail Kuran, Hulya Aydin

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Experimental Study
Ski injuries and their causes in Uludag

Oner Gedikoglu, Ufuk Aydinli, Omer F. Bilgen, Bartu Sarisozen

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How can we increase the fracture stability with unilateral external fixation unit? What is the effect on the fracture side?

Hasan Havitcioglu, Mehmet Tiner, Sami Aksoy, Osman Karaoglu

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Free pertosteal and osteoperiosteal autografts in rabbits

Recai Ozdemir, Oner Gedikoglu, Ufuk Aydinli, Omer F. Bilgen

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Case Report
New three dimensional unilateral external fixator

Hasan Havitcioglu, Mehmet Tiner, Sami Aksoy, Ahmet Karakasli, Mustafa Tiner

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Treatment of a Monteggia fracture case complicated by ignored tetanos, with a limb lengthening apparatus

Mehmet Asik, Remzi Tozun, Senol Akman, Hayati Durmaz, Fahri Seyhan

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A different surgical concept for the treatment of paraxial fibular hemimelia

Huseyin Bayram, Mustafa Herdem, Mahir Gulsen, Yaman Sarpel, Ismet Tan, Gurbuz Baytok

Pages :126-128Download PDF

Preoperative and postoperative scoring in the diseases of the shoulder joint

Mehmet Demirhan, Senol Akman, Yilmaz Akalin

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Orthotic approaches for the education of the patient and the family in the treatment of hemophilia

Serap Inal, Unal Kuzgun

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