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Vol 49, No 4 (2015)

From the Editor

Mehmet Demirhan

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Original Article
Operative vs. nonoperative treatment for comminuted proximal humeral fractures in elderly patients: a current meta-analysis

Jin-qi Song, Xue-feng Deng, Yi-min Wang, Xue-bing Wang, Xue Li, Bin Yu

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Is Coonrad-Morrey total elbow arthroplasty a viable option for treatment of distal humeral nonunions in the elderly?

Ali Ersen, Mehmet Demirhan, Ata Atalar, Teoman Atıcı, Mehmet Kapıcıoğlu

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Demographical, clinical, and psychological differences of patients who suffered hand injury accidentally and by punching glass

Fusun Sahin, Nuray Akkaya, Banu Kuran, Beril Dogu, Nilgun Simsir Atalay, Nalan Oguzhanoglu

Pages :361-369Download PDF

A comparison of the quality of online information about total knee arthroplasty available in Turkish and English: a cross-sectional study

Fatih Kucukdurmaz, Serhat Mutlu, Harun Mutlu, Javad Parvizi

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Reduced patellofemoral and walking pain with mobile-bearing vs. fixed-bearing total knee replacements: a mid-term prospective analytic study

Jose Luis Pais-Brito, Belen Rafols-Urquiza, Leon Gonzalez-Massieu, Mario Herrera-Perez, Maria Aciego-De Mendoza, Josep De Bergua-Domingo

Pages :375-381Download PDF

Efficacy of rapid recovery protocol for total knee arthroplasty: a retrospective study

Ismet Koksal, Mesut Tahta, Mehmet Emin Simsek, Metin Dogan, Murat Bozkurt

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Impact of oxidative stress on early postoperative knee function and muscle injury biochemical markers: Is it possible to create an ischemic preconditioning effect in sequential ischemic surgical procedures?


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Immunohistochemical analysis of mechanoreceptors in transverse acetabular ligament and labrum: a prospective analysis of 35 cases

Kasim Kilicarslan, Aydan Kilicarslan, Ismail Demirkale, Mahmut Nedim Aytekin, Mehmet Atif Erol Aksekili, Mahmut Ugurlu

Pages :394-398Download PDF

Chevron osteotomy in patients with scheduled osteotomy of the medial malleolus

Murat Gul, Umut Yavuz, Engin Çetinkaya, Ümit Aykut, Barış Özkul, Yavuz Kabukçuoğlu

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Does lengthening after acute correction negatively affect bone healing during distraction osteogenesis?

Ozgur Karakoyun, Metin Kucukkaya, Mehmet Fatih Erol

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Hydroxyapatite pins for external fixation: is there sufficient evidence to prove that coated pins are less likely to be replaced prematurely?

Oluwasegun Akilapa, Andy Gaffey

Pages :410-415Download PDF

Bonesetter interventions and consequences

Sinan Zehir, Regayip Zehir, Ercan Şahin, Turgut Akgül, Sultan Zehir, Mehmet Subaşı

Pages :416-420Download PDF

Surgical light handles: a source of contamination in the surgical field

Daniel Schweitzer, Ianiv Klaber, Daniel Fischman, Aniela Wozniak, Pedro Pablo Amenábar, Eduardo Botello

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Experimental Study
Biomechanical outcome of proximal femoral nail antirotation is superior to proximal femoral locking compression plate for reverse oblique intertrochanteric fractures: a biomechanical study of intertrochanteric fractures

Jianxiong Ma, Jie Wang, Weiguo Xu, Jingtao Yu, Yang Yang, Xinlong Ma

Pages :426-432Download PDF

Anatomical relations between anterior coracoscapular ligament and suprascapular neurovascular structures and a proposal for classification

Ilke Ali Gurses, Ozcan Gayretli, Osman Coskun, Aysin Kale, Adnan Ozturk

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Comparison of the effects of chronic intra-articular administration of tenoxicam, diclofenac, and methylprednisolone in healthy rats

Mehmet Mufit Orak, Dursun Ak, Ahmet Midi, Berna Lacin, Sevim Purisa, Guven Bulut

Pages :438-446Download PDF

Effect of intramuscular botulinum toxin-A in a rat rotator cuff repair model: an experimental study

Ercan Sahin, Mahmut Kalem, Sinan Zehir, Murat Songur, Mehmet Demirtas

Pages :447-452Download PDF

Case Report
Cervical digits: a report of 3 cases

Vasfi Karatosun, Dinc Ozaksoy, Ali Balci, Izge Gunal

Pages :453-455Download PDF

Bilateral internal pudendal artery-urethral fistula formation by pseudoaneurysm

Jinming Chen, Shenhua Wang, Dingqian Wu, Jianjun Wu

Pages :456-458Download PDF

Spinal epidural cavernous angioma: two case reports and review of the literature

Yaşar Bayri, Murat Şakir Ekşi, Demet Yalçınkaya Koç, Deniz Konya

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