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Vol 26, No 3 (1992)

Original Article
Pulse electromagnetic fields in the treatment of ununited fractures and results

Eray Baltaci, Sinan Seber, Erol Gokturk, Oral Erdogan

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Femoral fracture healing and treatment in patients with head injuries

T. Nedim Karaismailoglu, Birol Gulman, Nevzat Dabak, Sennur Dabak

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The use of coral in the filling of bone defects (the presentation of 3 cases)

Fehmi Kuyurtar, Ali Sekerlisoy, Orhan Akinci, Mehmet Vatansever

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CT evaluation of patellofemoral joint after patellar fractures treated with open reduction and internal fixation

I. Teoman Benli, Mehmet Citak, Serdar Akalin, Esref Pasaoglu, Mahmut Kilic, E. Faruk Mumcu

Pages :154-158Download PDF

Intramedullary nailing of surgical neck fractures of tiıe humerus

Kemal Aktuglu, Hakki Oncag

Pages :159-162Download PDF

Treatment of the diaphyseal fractures of the humerus with functional brace

Kenan Saridogan, Hakan Gurbuz

Pages :163-167Download PDF

Surgical treatment of meniscus lesions

Hakan Huner, Ercan Cetinus, Ilhan Cever, Haldun Erturk, Mustafa Akyildiz

Pages :168-170Download PDF

Atypical chronic osteomyelitis

Isık Akgun, Muharrem Babacan, Erdem Bagatur, Tuncay Centel

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The measuremant of talotibial angle in pes planus

Orhan Solak, Sitki Percin

Pages :174-175Download PDF

Measurement methods of femoral torsion in CDH (comparison of four methods in patients)

Nihat Tosun, M. Cevdet Avkan, Adnan Okur, Bulent Alparslan, Ali Okur

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Congenital dislocation of the radial head

Mehmet Yildiz, Ahmet U. Turhan, Celal Baki, Hafiz Aydin

Pages :179-181Download PDF

Radial artery forearm flaps with distal pedicle

Mehmet Yildiz, Ahmet U. Turhan, Celal Baki, Cetin Onder

Pages :182-185Download PDF

Carpal tunnel syndrome \n(clinic and neurophysiological evaluation in the pre-and postoperative period)

Ersin Nuzumlali, Dilara Nuzumlali, Semih Gur, Hakan Ozdemir

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Experimental Study
Determination of the femoral torsion\n(experimental study of dried femora, comparison of six methods)

M. Cevdet Avkan, Nihat Tosun, Adnan Okur, Bulent Alparslan, Suleyman Kocaman

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Reconstruction of full-thickness cartilage defects by transfer of pedincullated periosteal autografts under the influence of intermittent active motion (experimental study with rats)

Bener Sen, Korkmaz Doner, Adem Arslan, Aytug Ertav

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Case Report
Absent posterior tibial artery in a case with clubfoot

Aysegul Bursali, Cihangir Yurdoglu

Pages :197-198Download PDF

The Gruca operation for congenital absence of the fibula

Aysegul Bursali, Irfan Gokcay, Mehmet Altun

Pages :199-201Download PDF

Angiosarcoma of bone (a case report)

Refik Tezcan, Isık Akgun, Erdem Bagatur, Sergulen Dervisoglu

Pages :202-204Download PDF

A case presentation of Charcot s joint which is caused by arachnoid cyst

M. Cevdet Avkan, Bulent Alparslan, Nihat Tosun, Suleyman Kocaman

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