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Vol 31, No 5 (1997)

Original Article
Historical aspects and current concepts in meniscal pathologies

Veli Lok

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Meniscus: anatomy and proprioception

Halit Pinar

Pages :392-396Download PDF

The meniscus: biomechanics, kinematics and function

N. Reha Tandogan

Pages :397-401Download PDF

Meniscus: Imaging techniques

Esin Emin Ustun

Pages :402-409Download PDF

Classijications of meniscal tears and principles of arthroscopic meniscal resection

Rıfat Erginer

Pages :410-415Download PDF

Arthroscopic meniscectomy with local anesthesia

Nihat Tosun, Ismail Aygan

Pages :445-448Download PDF

Surgical treatment of lateral discoid meniscus lesion in adults

Reha N. Tandogan, Cem Adabag, Asim Kayaalp, Umur Aydogan, Aydin Yuceturk

Pages :449-452Download PDF

Arthroscopic meniscus repair and preliminary (average 30 months) results

Sarper M. Cetinkaya, Omer F. Taser, Aziz Alturfan, Yunus V. Sozen

Pages :456-466Download PDF

Partially accelerated rehabilitation program after meniscal repair

Sarper M. Cetinkaya, Omer F. Taser

Pages :467-471Download PDF

Second-look arthroscopy of the knee

Hakan Ozdemir, Savas Tunay, Erdogan Altinel

Pages :472-475Download PDF

Arthroscopy of the knee in children

Yetkin Soyuncu, Semih Gur

Pages :476-480Download PDF

Divergence of interference screws in arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Sarper M. Cetinkaya, Burak Boynuk, Aziz Alturfan

Pages :481-483Download PDF

Arthroscopic debridement of the knee for osteoarthritis (An analysis of unsatisfactory results)

Osman Tugrul Eren, Metin Kucukkaya, Mehmet Tezer, Rihad M. Holtby

Pages :484-487Download PDF

Total knee artroplasty in rheumatoid arthritis

Mustafa Sengun, Nadir Sener, I. Remzi Tozun

Pages :488-491Download PDF

Our results of revision total knee arthroplasty

Nadir Sener, I. Remzi Tozun, Mustafa Sengun

Pages :492-497Download PDF

Pigmented villonodular synovitis of the knee

Mustafa Yel, Recep Memik, Tuna Cevat Ogun, Mehmet Arazi

Pages :498-501Download PDF

Experimental Study
The comparison of the failure strength of meniscus arrows (absorbable fixation material) with different meniscal suturing techniques

Sarper M. Cetinkaya, Burak Boynuk, Omer F. Taser

Pages :453-455Download PDF

Instruments used in arthroscopic meniscus surgery

Ahmet Sebik

Pages :416-419Download PDF

Arthroscopic menisectomy and guidelines

Aziz Alturfan, Sarper M. Cetinkaya

Pages :420-422Download PDF

Arthroscopic meniscus repair and guidelines

Mehmet S. Binnet, Cengiz Yilmaz

Pages :423-428Download PDF

Transplantation of menisci allogrefts

Semih Gur, Andreas T. Janousek, Freddie H. Fu

Pages :429-436Download PDF

Rehabilitation after arthroscopic meniscectomy and meniscal repair

Nevin Ergun

Pages :437-444Download PDF

Gene therapy in sports medicine

Christian Latermann, Semih Gur, Paul D. Robbins, Christopher H. Evans

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