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Vol 47, No 6 (2013)


Mehmet Demirhan

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Original Article
Hyalonect in the treatment of pseudarthrosis

Ali Cagri Tekin, Cem Zeki Esenyel, Murat Cakar, Meltem Esenyel, Yusuf Ozcan, Mehmet Selcuk Saygili

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Tips and tricks in the diagnostic workup and the removal of foreign bodies in extremities

Tuhan Kurtulmus, Necdet Saglam, Gursel Saka, Mehmet Imam, Fuat Akpinar

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Modified Latarjet procedure for patients with glenoid bone defect accompanied with anterior shoulder instability

Ata Can Atalar, Kerem Bilsel, Ilker Eren, Derya Celik, Hilal Cil, Mehmet Demirhan

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Femoral neck shortening after internal fixation

Yue Liu, Zi Sheng AI, Jin Shao, Tieyi Yang

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Basic Study
Anatomical evaluation of the superficial veins of the upper extremity as graft donor source in microvascular reconstructions: a cadaveric study

Amac Kiray, Ipek Ergur, Hamid Tayefi, H. Alper Bagriyanik, A. Kadir Bacakoglu

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Experimental Study
Internal fixation of bilateral sacroiliac dislocation with transiliac locked plate: a biomechanical study on pelvic models

Orcun Sahin, Huseyin Demirors, Rahmi Can Akgun, Ismail Cengiz Tuncay

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In vivo investigation of calcium phosphate coatings on Ti6-Al-4V alloy substrates using lactic acid - sodium lactate buffered synthetic body fluid

Hasan Havitcioglu, Berivan Cecen, Ahmet Pasinli, Mithat Yuksel, Ibrahim Aydin, Hasan Yildiz

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The effect of dexketoprofen trometamol on the healing of diaphysis fractures of rat tibia

Resit Sevimli, Murat Uzel, Hamide Sayar, Ali Murat Kalender, Ozer Dokmeci

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Protective effect of zoledronic acid on corticosteroid-induced chondrocyte apoptosis

Alpay Merter Ozenci, Tevfik Aslan, Zeliha Sahin, Ozlem Ozbey, Nuray Acar, Ismail Ustunel

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Case Report
Myxoinflammatory fibroblastic sarcoma: a case report

Ozge Ertener, Burcin Tuna, Omer Akcali, Kutsal Yorukoglu

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Periprosthetic tuberculosis of the knee joint treated with antituberculosis drugs: a case report

Suda Tekin Koruk, Serkan Sipahioglu, Celal Calisir

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Locking knee after intra-articular migration of broken patella tension band wire: an extraordinary intra-articular migration via pseudarthrosis line

Lushun Wang, Keng Thiam Lee

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