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Vol 47, No 2 (2013)


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Original Article
Sonographic assessment of transverse carpal ligament after open surgical release of the carpal tunnel

Nuri Karabay, Murat Kayalar, Sait Ada

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Lengthening by distraction osteogenesis in congenital shortening of metacarpals

Mehmet Bulut, Bekir Yavuz Ucar, Ibrahim Azboy, Oktay Belhan, Erhan Yilmaz, Lokman Karakurt

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Efficacy of the Taylor spatial frame in the treatment of deformities around the knee

Sami Sokucu, Ozgur Karakoyun, Yavuz Arikan, Metin Kucukkaya, Yavuz Kabukcuoglu

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Treatment of subtrochanteric nonunion of the femur: whether to leave or to exchange the previous hardware

Soo Hwan Kang, Suk Ku Han, Yong Sik Kim, Myung Jin Kim

Pages :91-95Download PDF

Dislocation after total hip arthroplasty: risk factors and treatment options

Ulf Gunther Leichtle, Carmen Ina Leichtle, Ferdane Taslaci, Patrik Reize, Markus Wünschel

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Does Kinesio taping in addition to exercise therapy improve the outcomes in subacromial impingement syndrome? A randomized, double-blind,controlled clinical trial

Hacer Hicran Simsek, Selvin Balki, Sinem Suner Keklik, Hayati Ozturk, Hasan Elden

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Identification of risk factors for respiratory complications in upper cervical spinal injured patients with neurological impairment

Yu Chen, Jiang Shao, Wei Zhu, Lian Shun Jia, Xiong Sheng Chen

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Experimental Study
The effect of expansive open-door laminoplasty on spinal canal diameter: an experimental study on rabbits

Massoud Fateh, Baransel Saygi, Ozgur Karaman, Murat Bezer

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A biomechanical study on the interosseous membrane and radial head in cadaveric forearms

Yi-Xing Huang, Yu-Jing Teng, Xian-Hong Yi, Jun Pan

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Effect of low-dose irradiation on structural and mechanical properties of hyaline cartilage-like fibrocartilage

Tevfik Oncan, Burak Demirag, Cenk Ermutlu, Ulviye Yalcinkaya, Lutfu Ozkan

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Case Report
Alkaptonuric patient presenting with “black” disc: a case report

Ramazan Kahveci, Mehmet Fikret Ergungor, Ahmet Gunaydin, Atiye Temiz

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Tenosynovial giant cell tumor in an unusual localization

Esin Atik, Tumay Ozgur, Aydiner Kalaci, Burcin Tuna

Pages :139-141Download PDF

Rice body formation characterized by the chronic non-specific tenosynovitis in the tibialis anterior tendon

Mehmet Bulut, Erhan Yilmaz, Lokman Karakurt, M. Resat Ozercan

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CME Credit Questionnaire
CME Credit Questionnaire

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