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Vol 46, No 6 (2012)


Mehmet Demirhan

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Original Article
Intra-articular levobupivacaine, lornoxicam and morphine analgesia after knee arthroscopy: a randomized, controlled trial

Onder Ersan, Taylan Akkaya, Emine Arik, Yalim Ates

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Is there any relationship between Q-angle and lower extremity malalignment?

Defne Kaya, Mahmut Nedim Doral

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Evaluation of anxiety levels in patients with chronic orthopedic diseases

Bilal Demir, Sarper Gursu, Timur Yildirim, Turgay Er

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Preoperative indicators affecting postoperative mortality in elderly patients with hip fractures

Hasan Bombaci, Ozgur Erdogan, Fatih Cetinkaya, Mehmet Kuyumcu, Emre Kaya, Elif Bombacı

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Free vascularized fibular grafts in Type 3 open tibia fractures

Kemal Ozaksar, Tahir S. Sugun, Tulgar Toros, Yusuf Gurbuz, Murat Kayalar, Fuat Ozerkan

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Peroneal nerve injury surgical treatment results

Yusuf Gurbuz, Tahir S. Sugun, Kemal Ozaksar, Murat Kayalar, Tulgar Toros, Yalcin Ademoglu

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Experimental Study
Effects of demineralized bone matrix on tendon-bone healing: an in vivo, experimental study on rabbits

Onder Ismet Kilicoglu, Goksel Dikmen, Ozgur Koyuncu, Bilge Bilgic, Aziz Kaya Alturfan

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The effect of extracorporeal shockwaves on cartilage end-plates in rabbits: a preliminary MRI and histopathological study

Cemil Erturk, Mehmet Akif Altay, Ilyas Ozardali, Nuray Altay, Hasan Cece, Ugur Erdem Isikan

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Technical Note
Domestic electric drills in the service of orthopaedic surgery: a potential and preventable source of surgical site infections

Fatih Kucukdurmaz, Yunus Imren, Yasemin Akkoyunlu, Ibrahim Tuncay, Cengiz Sen

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Case Report
Primary epiphyseal Ewing sarcoma: a case report

Murat Bulbul, Harzem Ozger, Bilge Bilgic, Levent Eralp

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Morganella morganii osteomyelitis complicated by secondary septic knee arthritis: a case report

Semmi Koyuncu, Fırat Ozan

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Lumbar solitary osteochondroma presenting with cauda equina syndrome: a case report

Ramazan Kahveci, Mehmet Fikret Ergungor, Ahmet Gunaydin, Atiye Temiz

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Letter to the Editor
Response to: Preoperative cardiac evaluation in proximal femur fractures and its effects on the surgical outcome

Serkan Uludag

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Authors reply

Kashif Abbas, Masood Umer, Raza Askari

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Orthopaedic Forum
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A. Erdem Bagatur

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CME Credit Questionnaire

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