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Vol 25, No 5 (1991)

Original Article
Management of the so called isolated ACL rupture

G. Schippinger, M. Fellinger, J. Passler, G. Peicha

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Haemarthrosis of the knee joint: Diagnostic and theraepeutic advantages of arthroscopic technique

J. M. Passler, M. Fellinger, W. Seggl, H. P. Hofer

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Technique of arthroscopic meniscal surgery

Peicha G, Fellinger M, Passler JM, Schippinger G, Seggl W

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Arthroscopic meniscectomy of the middle and posterior parts of the medial and lateral meniscus and our operative technique

Aziz Alturfan, Abdullah Gogus, Omer Taser, Fehmi Daldal

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Clinical results after arthroscopic meniscectomy in sportsmen

D. Shoilev, A. Georgiev, M. Syed

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Diagnostic value of arthroscopy in meniscal lesions

Bulent Alparslan, M. Cevdet Avkan, Orhan Karsan

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Arthroscopic meniscal suture: Correlation between clinical, arthroscopic and CT-scan findings \nArthroscopic meniscal suture: Correlation between clinical, arthroscopic and CT-scan findings

C. De Meulemeester, R. Verdonk, Van Eetvelde, H. Claessens

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Morphology of the proximal synovial cavity in the adult knee joint

Tim Zidorn, Heinrich Schafer

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Arthroscopic surgery of the knee

Ethem Gur, M. Lutfi Baydar, Nevres Aydogan

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Arthroscopy in the diagnosis and treatment of mediopatellar plica syndrome of the knee

Aziz Alturfan, Halit Pinar, Omer Taser, Abdullah Gogus

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An afternative anesthesiologic method in arthroscopy and arthroscopic surgery

K. Kazakos, D. Verettas, E. Varitimdou, M. Muazir, N. Raptopoulos, G. Papagionnopoulos

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The relationship between subchondral bone strength, cartilage thicknees and contact pressure of the tibio-femoral joint

Hitoshi Inaba

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Basic histological aspects in arthroscopic laser surgery

J. P. Stahl, R. Moosdorf, J. Buhr, U. Muller

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Arthroscopic diagnosis and treatment of the osteochondritis dissecans of the knee joint

Mahmut N. Doral, R. Emre Acaroglu, Nevzat R. Tandogan

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Arthroscopic treatment of osteochondral lesions of talus

F. Priano, M. Nasciuti, E. Vita

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Arthroscopically assisted closed lateral capsular release in the treatment of patellar instability and anterior knee pain syndromes

Mahmut N. Doral, N. Reha Tandogan, Emre Acaroglu

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The arthroscopic treatment of cartilage-lesions of the knee joint

Kurt Seewald

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Traumatic articular cartilage injuries of the knee

Mehmet S. Binnet, Mehmet Demirtas, Yalim Ates, Ertan Mergen

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Five year results of perarthroscopic debridement and wash-out in articular degeneration of the knee

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Optimal correction in high tibial osteotomy

Hitashi Inaba

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Use of lig. semitendinosus by reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)

K. Kazakos, G. Papagionnopoulos, D. Verettas, E. Lambiris, H. Muazir, G. Gioulos

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Procedures applied in the treatment of chronic anterior knee instabilities and our results

Ethem Gur, M. Basbozkurt, N. Aydogan, F. Ertur

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A small contribution to Eriksson s ACL reconstruction method

Ahmet Sebik, Yalcin Ademoglu

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Comparison of tensor fascia lata+semitendinosus tendon and free patellar bone - tendon - bone graft reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament deficient knee

Gerard Bascoulergue, Haluk Berk, Michel Maillet, Reha Tandogan

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Total knee prosthesis (early results)

Ethem Gur, Metin L. Baydar, Hamit Ozdemir, Nevres Aydogan

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Radiographic analysis of the kinematic total knee replacement

Sefa Muezzinoglu, Mumtaz Alpaslan, Adil Surat, Mahmut N. Doral

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The effect of prosthesis position on knee score in total knee arthroplasty

I. Remzi Tozun, Hilmi C. Aydınok, Mehmet Cakmak, Mehmet Demirhan

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Potential pitfalls in arthroscopic replacement of ACL deficient knees using interference screws

M. Fellinger, J. M. Passler, R. Wildburger, G. Schippinger

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Arthroscopic technique of free patella tendon graft in ACL instability

J. Passler, M. Fellinger, R. Wildburger, H. P. Hofer

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Augmented repair with early mobilization of acute anterior cruciate ligament injuries

H. H. Paessler, J. Deneka, L. E. Dahners

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The use of dacron synthetic ligament prosthesis in the reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament

Ethem Gur, Mustafa Basbozkurt, Metin Baydar, N. Ertur

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A case of malignant tumor in the knee; reconstruction with Stanmore resection prosthesis

Isik Akgun, Muharrem Babacan, Erdem Bagatur

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Arthroscopic resection of symptomatic synovial plica of the knee

Mehmet S. Binnet, Mehmet Demirtas, Yalim Ates, Ertan Mengen

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The results of conservative and surgical treatment of tibial plateau fractures

Unal Kuzgun, Irfan Ozturk, Yavuz Kabukcuoglu, Mehmet Ordueri

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Recognition of chondropathies by arthroscopy in the knee

G. Palkonyay

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Arthroscopic treatment of gonarthrosis

Omer Taser, Aziz Alturfan, Halit Pinar, Abdullah Gogus

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Artroscopic management of intra-articular knee-joint fractures

E. Wallenbock

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Arthroscopic surgery in local anesthesia

Wredmark, T. Tsail

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Experimental Study
Patellar tendon + LAD in ACL reconstruction (experimental study in goats: histological evaluation, preliminary report)

A. Delcogliano, C. Fabricciani, A. Schiavone Panni, S. Franzese, R. de Panphilis, S. Vagnoni, C. Locapino

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A new method of treatment in degenerative osteoarthritis of the knee (experimental study)

Ahmet U. Turhan, Aydin Biyiklioglu, Mehmet Yildiz, Muhittin Sener, Hafiz Aydin

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Arthroscopic anatomy of the elbow

G. Cerulli, V. Buompadre, A. Caraffa, G. C. Aiesa, A. Rizzo

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