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Vol 25, No 4 (1991)

Original Article
Proximal metatarsal osteotomy in treatment of hallux valgus

Mahmut U. Karli, Cuneyt Mirzanli, Gazi Zorer, Anday Tatar, Haldun Erturk

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Primer repair and reconstrution in lateral ankle instability

Ilhami Telli, U. Erdem Isikan

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Wringer injuries of the upper extremity

Ahmet V. Koremezli, Hulya Aydin

Pages :200-203Download PDF

A vascular necrosis in the treatment of neglected congenital dislocation of the hip

A. Hakan Eren, I. Metin Turkmen, Mucahit Gorgec

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Ewing s sarcoma; experience with 12 cases

Bulent Zulfikar, Gunduz Gedikoglu

Pages :210-214Download PDF

Rowe and Zarins technique in the reconstruction of chronic anterior knee instability and our results

Mesih Kuskucu, Ahmet Kral, Haluk Kaplan, Omer Arpacioglu, Kemal Cuhadar

Pages :215-220Download PDF

A new method in repair for skin defect after Achille s tendon repair

Ayhan Numanoglu, Tanil Esemenli

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Experimental Study
Determination of optimum screwing torsional moment in the screw osteosynthesis (experimental study of the human cadaver bones)

M. Alp Goksan, Bener Sen, Bora Goksan

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The effects of hyperbaric oxygen application on fracture healing in rats

Mesih Kuskucu, Ahmet Kral, Ergun Ucmakli, Haluk Kaplan, Emin Elbuken, Taner Kaya

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Case Report
A new technique in reconstruction of old patellar tendon ruptures

Haluk Kaplan, Ahmet Kral, Mesih Kuskucu, Ahmet Sarioglu

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A case of adamantinoma of the fibula

Mehmet Yildiz, Kadriye Yilldiz, Ahmet U. Turhan, Celal Baki, Muhittin Sener

Pages :243-246Download PDF

Traumatic hip dislocation with ipsilateral femoral fracture in an infant

Osman U. Calpur, Emre Orhun

Pages :247-248Download PDF

Aceptic necrosis of the patella (Sinding - Larsen s diesease)

Osman U. Calpur, Emre Orhun

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