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Vol 9, No 2 (1975)

Original Article
Fractures of the pelvis

Murat Kestellioglu, Orhan Suren

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Congenital Club Foot Deformity (A long;term follow-up of 12 cases)

Selcuk Atilla

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Fractures of talus and their surgical treatment

Orhan Baskir, Esat Kilichan, Aziz Alturfan, Misel Kokino

Pages :112-123Download PDF

Leg length equalization by the arrest of epiphyseal growth

Fahri Seyhan, Zahar Sayar

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Our surgical treatment and rehabilitation fractures of both bones of the forearm

Fethiye Ayral, Ali Sonmezler

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Arthrodesis of the knee and Charnely s compression method

Ali Sonmezler, Yilmaz Akalin

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Case Report
Spontoneous correction in the congenital dislocatlon of the hip (A case history)\n%A case history

Selcuk Atilla

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Radiologicol signs and their importance in travmatic dislocations of the hip joint

Ali Sonmezler, Gurbuz Ahiskali

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