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Vol 9, No 1 (1975)

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Open reduction and inlernal fixation for the fractures of clavicle

Gayyur Kurap, Aziz Col, Nezihe Seflek, ┼×arik Akyol, Faruk Gok, Sukru Guner, Nurtekin Kokkilic

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Treatment of paralytic complications of scoliosis

Emin Kaya Alpar

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Surgical Treatment of Torticollis

Hayrettin Tanacan, M. Alp Goksan, Misel Kokino, Aziz Alturfan

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Statistical Analysis of the Operations for the Poliomyelitis (876 Cases, 1350 Operations)

Istemi Yucel, M. Alp Goksan, Misel Kokino

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Chronic Osteomyetitis and its Operative Treatment

M. Alp Goksan, Aziz Alturfan, Misel Kokino, Hayrettin Tanacan

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Case Report
Two cases treated by custom made vitallium prosthesis

Faham Sipahioglu

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