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Vol 10, No 3 (1976)

Original Article
Treatment of the tibial fractures by patellar tendon bearing cast (PTB-CAST)

Erdogan Altinel, Tarik Gungor

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The surgical treatment of the fractures of the odontoid process

Fethiye Ayral, Fahri Seyhan

Pages :153-163Download PDF

Increase of femoral anteversion by sitting posture

Veli Lok, Erol Barin, Ahmet Sebik

Pages :181-194Download PDF

Acromioklavikular dislocation

Fahri Seyhan, Misel Kokino

Pages :195-203Download PDF

Traumatic shoulder dislocations

Orhan Suren, Ugur Ozic

Pages :204-212Download PDF

Case Report
An interesting course of solitary plasmozytom

S. Kemal Erol

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