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Vol 11, No 4 (1977)

Experimental Study
The effects of zinc deficiency on epiphyseal plates of rats

Ahmet T. Kalaycilar, E. Kaya Alpar, Gulsen Oner, Naci Bor

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Original Article
The supracondylar fractures of the femur

Nejat Tokgozoglu, Kaya Alpar

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Proximal and trabecular structure of the femur and Calcar femoral

Mustafa Aksoy

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An orthopaedic field study at Bi┼ček viliage of Yozgat province

Orhan Baskir, Mustafa Aksoy

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Results obtained by the interference currency in the periarthritis of the shoulder

Fuat Diniz, Kamuran Yucel, Ahmet Oncel

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Hallux Valgus and indications for Keller s operation in its surgical treatment

Onder Yazicioglu, Orhan Baskir, Mehmet Cakmak

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Wirst and hand traumas because of winter sports in winter

Bahattin Oguz Temucin

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Case Report
Familial osteopoikylosis (A report on a rare case)

Dilek Onel, S. Fikret Tuzun

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