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Vol 13, No 2 (1979)

Original Article
Surgical treatment of Pes Planus and incidations for Millers operation

Yilmaz Akalin, Nihat Gurkan, Aziz Alturfan, Misel Kokino

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Total hip prothesis and early results applied to be lated CDH cases in our clinic

Ilker Ozsut, Veli Lok, Bekir Kumbul

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Osteosynthesis by dynamic compession plate

Orhan Suren, Ilker Ozsut, Baki Satis

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Congenital pseudoarthrosis of the tibia

Unal Kuzgun, Misel Kokino, Mesut Parlak

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The mechanism of ankle fractures in the adult, their classification and the treatment applied

Ugur Ozic

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A case of total elbow joint replacement

Ali Sonmezler, Gayyur Kurap, Ertan Destan, A. Yalcin Ornek, A. Bulent Kavakli, M. Cemil Karabay

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Case Report
A case of hemihypertrophying neurofibroma

Ozer Ulku

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