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Vol 14, No 3 (1980)

Original Article
The significance and treatment of femur shaft penetration and fractures as a complication of total prosthetic application

O. Baskir, O. Yazicioglu, M. Kokino, Y. Temelli, A. Hamzaoglu

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Problem of dislocation and its treatment encountered post-total hip replacement arthroplasties

O. Yazicioglu, O. Baskir, Y. Temelli, M. Kokino

Pages :89-96Download PDF

The effects of operating theatre conditions on the rate of infection in total hip prostheses

O. Yazicioglu, O. Baskir, M. Kokino, Y. Temelli

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Spinal Cord Injuries in Children

Tunc Alp Kalyon, Orhan Ertem

Pages :106-111Download PDF

Treatment of 20 Cases of Rheumatoit Arthritis With D-Penicillamine

Siranus Kokino, Naime Yanlioglu, Menent Ogan, Sevim Guney

Pages :119-128Download PDF

Clinical, laboratory and radiological features of hemophilic arthropathies

Kamuran Yucel, Gunduz Gedikoglu

Pages :129-132Download PDF

Experimental Study
On the Study of Mechanical Properties of Femur

A. K. Ucisik, I. Ucok, M. Alp Goksan, O. Baskir, M. Kokino

Pages :112-118Download PDF

Case Report
Kirner s deformity

Orhan Baskir, Onder Yazicioglu, Mehmet Cakmak, Misel Kokino

Pages :84-88Download PDF