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Vol 15, No 4 (1981)

Original Article
Biomechonical problems encountered in the hip joint following the applicational total endoprosthesis\n(Significance of the femoral varus deformity in respect of proshetic bosening)

M. Yucel

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Total Hip Prosthesis in Coxarthrosis due to Congenital Dislocation or Subluxation of the Hip

Ayhan Aritamur, Mehmet Cakmak, Omer Taser

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Pseudoarthroses of the Humerus

Unal Kuzgun, Orhan Baskir, F. Ayral, B. O. Temocin, Harzem Ozger

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Winged Scapula as a result of traumatic paraiysis of Serratus anterior muscle

Y. Akalin, O. Yazicioglu, U. Domanic, Y. V. Sozen, M. Turkmen, M. Cakmak

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Pigmented villonodular synovitis

Unal Kuzgun, Orhan Baskir, Fethiye Ayral, Ibrahim V. Mekki, Mustafa Canikoglu

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Case Report
Cartilage injuries in the knee Joint in Sportsmen

M. Cakmak, O.T. Erdal, U. Domanic

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