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Vol 16, No 2 (1982)

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The treatment of an old rupture of the quadriceps tendon and it results

Yener Temelli, Orhan Baskir, Azmi Hamzaoglu, Harzem Ozger, Yilmaz Akalin

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Traumatic luxation of the proksimal radioulnar joint because of two cases

Ayhan Aritamur, I. Metin Turkmen, Azmi Hamzaoglu, Onder Yazicioglu, Remzi Tozun

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Osteolytic lesions which seen tumor-like conditions

S. Kemal Erol, Ugur Ozic, Osman Karaoglan

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Application of K√ľntscher nail technique with screws on the femoral fractures

Mehmet Cakmak, Omer Taser, Unsal Domanic, Azmi Hamzaoglu, Irfan Ozturk

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Conservative Treatment in tibia fractures Dehne-Sarmiento technique of plaster

Yuksel Cavlak, Selman Ozcoban

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Resection indications of radius head fractures

Unsal Domanic, Omer Taser, Yilmaz Akalin, Mehmet Cakmak

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Beyhan Ozden, Nail Izgi, Cem Orhon

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Examination of the anti inflammatory and antianalgesic effects of proquazon in the treatment of fractures

Yener Temelli, M. K. Cabuk

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Treatment of vertebral tuberculosis

Faruk Durbin

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