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Vol 17, No 3 (1983)

Types of stainless steel and Heap treatment

Y. Temelli, O. Yazicioglu, M. Cakmak, H. Ucisik, C. Bindal, A. Goksan, R. Tozun

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Case Report
A case of temporomandibuler ancylesis and HFJW anaesthesia

Nisan Nisan, Bora Aykac, Tuncay Centel, Nafiz Bilsel

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Original Article
Causes of cocygodinia and methods of treatment

Ayhan Aritamur, Mahmut Berkman, Aziz Alturfan, Veli Gultemiz, Omer L. Aytac, Nuri Solaz

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Giant-cell Tumour Localized in Cuboid Bone of the Foot

O. Yazicioglu, M. Kokino, Y. Temelli, R. Tozun, U. Domanic, M. Turkmen, H. Ozger

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Review of the surgical theraphy and its late results in cases with neglected congenital hip dislocation whose average age is seven

Ayhan Aritamur, I. Metin Turkmen, Unsal Domanic, Azmi Hamzaoglu, Mehmet S. Cetinoglu

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