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Vol 18, No 3 (1984)

Case Report
Delayed treatment of fracture of collum femoris

Muzaffer Yildiz

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Malignant giant cell tendon tumor

Yener Temelli, Azmi Hamzaoglu, Remzi Tuzun, Orhan Baskir, Onder Yazicioglu, Mehmet Cakmak, Mahmut Berkman

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Original Article
A new orthosis Birmingham device that we have use in the treatment of perthes disease

Nafiz Bilsel, Bilge Surel, Isik Akgun

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The treatment and late results of the open and closed ruptures of the achilleus tendon

Mahmut Berkman, Veli Gultemiz, Yener Temelli, Omer L. Aytac, Nuri Solaz

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Arthrographic examination in diagnosis and choici of treatment of rotator cuff rupture of the shoulder

Nafiz Bilsel, Isik Akgun, Tuncay Centel

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Pemberton technique in congenital hip dislocation

Mehmet Cakmak, Mustafa K. Cabuk, Mahmut Karamehmetoglu, Omer Taser, Unsal Domanic, Azmi Hamzaoglu

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Experimental Study
An experimental comparison of the association of the problem of perforation encountered in the application of Ender nail with the mechanical properties of the nail

U. Domanic, A. Aritamur, A. Hamzaoglu, M. Tolun

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