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Vol 19, No 3 (1985)

Kinesiologic and biomechanical aspects of the normal gait

Ahmet Oncel, Fuat Diniz

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Abnormal gait

Ahmet Oncel, Fuat Diniz

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Original Article
Evaluation of the fractures of femoral trochanteric region in the adults

Tansel Unsaldi, Hakki Basarik

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Evaluation of the tibial shaft fractures in the adults

Tansel Unsaldi, Kemalettin Bektas

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Late results of patella fractures

Faik Altintas, Atilla Ongan, Hasan Yilmaz

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Door handle fractures

S. Atilla, O. Ulku, A. Davaslioglu

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The development of atlanto-axial subluxation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Tunc Alp Kalyon, Fahri Bilgic

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Treatment of hallux valgus by metatarsal chevron osteotomy

Ertan Mergen, Zeki Korkusuz, Mehmet Binnet

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Congenital clubfoot

Faik Altintas, Alihan Celiker, Gurbuz Baytok

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Neglected unjuries of the tendon achilles

Birol Gulman, Coskun Erturk

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A review of the fractures of tibial shaft in the adult

Birol Gulman

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