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Vol 19, No 2 (1985)

Experimental Study
Effect of laser irradiation therapy on tendon healing

Remzi Tuzun, Yener Temelli, Metin Alatli, Mahmut Berkman, Tuncay Altug, Misel J. Kokino

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Original Article
Non-union of the clavicle

Tuncay Centel, Isik Akgun, Refik Tezcan

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A research related with pseudoarthrosis and correction loss in idiopatic scoliosis cases treated with Harrington rods

Azmi Hamzaoglu, Unsal Domanic, Mehmet Cakmak, Bahattin Oguz Temucin, Omer Taser, M. Karamehmetoglu

Pages :139-146Download PDF

Distal radio-ulnar subluxation occuring after radial head resection

Isik Akgun, Tuncay Centel, Refik Tezcan

Pages :147-153Download PDF

Limb lengihening with distraction epiphysiolisis: a clinical study

Mehmet Cakmak, Ayhan Aritamur, Unsal Domanic, Omer Taser, M. Karamehmetoglu

Pages :154-166Download PDF

Operative treatment in patella fractures and its late results

U. Domanic, H. Durmaz, M. Cakmak, O. Taser, Y. Akalin

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Ankle fusion

Tuncay Centel, Isik Akgun, Nejat Guney

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