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Vol 20, No 4 (1986)

Original Article
The Problem of Avascnier Necrosis in Conservative Ireatment of Congenital Dislocation of Hip.

Huseyin Bayram, Gurbuz Baytok, Mehmet Altug, Celal Seckin

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A new method of bandaging in the early functional treatment of the congenital dislocation of the hip.

Kemal Erol

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The clinical and electro-physiological evaluation in the sequele of poliomyelitis

N. Gokcebay, B. Ince, M. Erdemir, P. Baslo

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The treatment of flexion contracfures of knee as a sequel polionyelitin and the evaluation of its early and lave. Complications.

Mahmut Berkman, İrfan Gokcay, Veli Gultemiz, Bener Sen

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The Causes and precaution of the deformity of external rotation Encountered following the treatment of trochanteric Fractures with Ender Nails.

I. Ozturk, U. Domanic

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Indication Mistakes in the Treatment of Childhood Bones Fractures

Tansel Unsaldi, Yusuf Inanoglu, Unal Salman

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Experimental Study
Lengthenıng of the leg by perıosteal reflectıon

Emin Alici, Fikri Oztop, Akin Kapubagli

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Case Report
Intramuskuler hemangiom

Fahri Seyhan, Mahmut Berkman, Misten Demiryont

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The effects of corrective osteotomies applied proximal femur on the biomechanics of the knee.

E. Kayran, S.K. Erol, S. Aksoy

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