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Vol 20, No 2 (1986)

Original Article
The osteosynthesis of the femoral trochanteric fractures by the ender nails

Necmi Alyuz, Gayyur Kurap, Ertugrul Aydin, Tufan Kaleli, Mujdat Enginsu, Recai Ozdemir

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Triangulation and surgical artroscopy procedure applied on bovine knee model

Ahmet T. Aydin, Erdogan Altinel

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Paget s disease (osteitis deformans)? Prostate carcinoma metastasis?

Kemal Erol, U. Bayol

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Treatment of the congenital hip dislocation by functional reduction

Gayyur Kurap, Tufan Kaleli, Necmi Alyuz, Mujdat Enginsu, Recai Ozdemir

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Median Nerve Stress Test in the early diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome

Osman Basgoze, Yesim Gokce Kutsal, Sabri Narman

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Case Report
Skeletal dısordehs in thalassemia major hemoglobınopatıe and theır treatment

Nejat Guney

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Principles of treatment of the spondylosis and spondylolysthesis

Gungor Sami Cakirgil

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