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Vol 24, No 1 (1990)

Original Article
Results of Grice operation in cerebral palsy patients

Merih Eroglu, Akin Kapubagli, Mehmet Karagoz

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Fracture insidence in osteoporosis

Merih Eroglu, Ibrahim Kaplan

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Operative treatment of congenital hip dislocation in older ages with open reduction, shortening, derotation, varisation and Pemberton acetabuloplasty.\"

Azmi Hamzaoglu, Irfan Esenkaya, Hayati Durmaz, Mehmet Asik, Ayhan Aritamur

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Hip arthrodesis using the cobra head plate

Hakki Sur, Kemal Aktuglu, Hakki Oncag

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Stress fractures

Mehmet Altinmakas

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9 year follow-up of congenital dislocation of the hip treated with Lorenz cast

Onder Yazicioglu, Ecmel Yesiller, Mehmet Kocaoglu, Semih Dogan

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The management of lomber discopathy associated with radiculopathy with epidural steroid injections

Cihan Aksoy, Emel Ozcan, Nil Sayiner

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The lntertrochanteric Femoral Fractures and The Treatment

Korkmaz Doner, Fuat Akpinar, Huseyin Gemici

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Experimental Study
A biomechanical aproach to pin loosening problem in external fixation

Mahir Gulsen, Ismet Tan, Huseyin Bayram, Gurbuz Baytok, Can Gocuk

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Experimental Biomechanical Comparision of Harrington distraction Rod System and Transpedicular Fixator Intern in the Treatment of Dorsolumber Fractures

Emin Alici, Nuri Erel

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The use of the colchicine and diclofenac sodium in arthroscopic wash out fluid in early degenerative arthritis of the knee joint

Mahmut N. Doral

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Case Report
Luxatio erecta in infants

Mahir Gulsen, Ismet Tan, Huseyin Bayram, Gurbuz Baytok, Eyup S. Karakas, Ali Baktir

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A case with Macrodactyly Simplex Congenita (MSC) and its surgical treatment

Haluk Midoglu, Ali Barutcu, Sitki Percin

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Meniscus Repair: A Review of the Literature:

Halit Pinar

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Ewing s Sarcoma-Diagnostic and Therapeutic criteria

S. Kemal Erol, A. Ekin, Hasan Havitcioglu, A. Kupeli

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