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Vol 21, No 5 (1987)

Original Article
A comprasion of the effect of femoral osteotomy and traction on the treatment of congenital dislocation of the hip.

Haluk Agus, Sukru Arac, M. Rifki Us, Ertugrul L. Erdem, M. Ali Acari

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Surgical treatment of tibial fractures by curved massive intramedullary nailing

Gungor Sami Cakirgil, Derya Dincer, Sinan Adiyaman, Cihangir Islam, Mehmet Demirtas

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The relationship of osteoporosis and fractures

Guzin Dilsen, Nurten Eskiyurt, Dilsad Sindel, Necla Huseyinoglu, Misel Kokino, Aydan Oral

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Results of the surgical treatment of the distal humeral condylar fractures of children.

Ugur Ozic, Sukru Arac, M. Rifki Us, Hidayet Topal

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Postoperative rehabilitation of the patients with congenital hip dislocation jere operated by radical reduction technique.

Bilge Aykurt, Muzaffer Aykurt

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Sudeck atrophy of the frut

Nurten Eskiyurt, Güzin Dilşen, Afitab İçağasıoğlu, Dilşat Sindel, Necla Hüseyinoğlu

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Treatment Of Ununited Tibial Diaphyseal Fractures With Electromagnetic Fields

Gungor Sami Cakirgil, Rasit Cesur, Sinan Adiyaman, Mehmet Demirtas, Cihangir Islam

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The importance of the algodsytrohy of the hip and the characteristics of our cases.

Guzin Dilsen, Nurten Eskiyurt, Aydan Oral

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Experimental Study
Histopathological Evaluation of the Fracture Healing With and Without Bone Grafts by Ligth and Electron Microscope

Faik Altintas, Huseyin Bayram, Mehmet Kaya, Gurbuz Baytok, Nurdan Tunali

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Case Report
Treatment in congenital tibia fibula pseudoarthrosis (a case report)

Tansel Unsaldi

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