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Vol 21, No 1 (1987)

Original Article
Six years results on functional reduction of congenital dislocation of hip.

Ali Sonmezler, Gayyur Kurap, Tufan Kaleli, Recai Ozdemir

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Treatment of congenital dislocation of hip by medial approach

Ali Bicimoglu, Irfan Ozturk

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Results of Salter s operations in the treatment of congenital hip dislocation.

Rifat Erginer, Muharrem Babacan, Ugur Engin

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The causes of failure in Salter s operation

Muharrem Babacan, Rifat Erginer, Ugur Engin

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Hypertension seen after knee operation

Mahmut Berkman, Mehmet Cakmak, Irfan Gokcay

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The surgical treatment of either benign or malign with low grade tumours localized at distal radial end with total resection and a transplanting by proximal fibular graft

Rıfat Erginer, Muharrem Babacan, Refik Tezcan

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Experimental Study
The effects of laser on fractures with consolidation problems

Mahmut Berkman, Irfan Gokcay, Canan Alatli, Tuncay Altug

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Case Report
Breakage of intramedullary nails after fracture union

Mehmet S. Binnet, Huseyin Durmaz, Orhan Girgin, Rebii Kurultay, M. Ali Tumoz

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Epidermal cyst of phalanges of the fingers is a rarely seen pathology

Mahmut Nedim Doral, Mumtaz Alpaslan, Aytac Gokoz

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