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Vol 23, No 5 (1989)

Original Article
Results of second-Iook arthroscopy after partial meniscectomy and meniscus repair

G. Godolias, H.O. Dustmann

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Importance of the synovial plica in the athletes knee

Schultz W., Stınus H.

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Arthroscopic surgery of the knee-clinical results

Aziz Kaya Alturfan, Halit Pinar, Mehmet Asik

Pages :277-280Download PDF

Diagnostic and surgical arthroscopy on knee joint pathologies

Mahmut N. Doral, Selcuk Bolukbasi, Ugur Sayli, Ertugrul Sener, Ahmet Sarlak, Feza Korkusuz, Inanc Ayas

Pages :281-285Download PDF

Place of arthroscopy in the knee problems

Sahin Tugrul, Behcet Sepici, Yaman Karakoc

Pages :286-288Download PDF

Diagnostic value of arthroscopy in meniscal lesions

Semih Gur, Ahmet T. Aydin, Erdogan Altinel

Pages :289-291Download PDF

Meniscectomy with triangulation technic in arthroscopic surgery

Ethem Gur, Oguz Gurcan, Metin L. Baydar, Nevres Aydogan

Pages :292-293Download PDF

Arthroscopic partial menisectomy

Burhan Uslu

Pages :294-296Download PDF

Arthroscopy in degenerative arthritis

Burhan Uslu

Pages :297-298Download PDF

Arthroscopic removal of Ioose bodies in the knee joint

Bulent Uslu

Pages :299-300Download PDF

Injuries to the posterior cruciate Iigament and treatment

Levent Kostem, Fikret Oztop, Ahmet Sebik, Yalcin Ademoglu

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Case Report
Transarthroscopic surgical procedures on the treatment of osteochondritis dissecans

Ersin Nuzumlali, Ahmet T. Aydin

Pages :322-324Download PDF

Rehabilitation after anterior cruciate injury

Ejnar Eriksson, Mehmet S. Binnet

Pages :325-326Download PDF

Osteoarthrosis of the knee and indications for treatment

Veli Lok

Pages :241-243Download PDF

Medical treatment of osteoarthritis

Eker Doganavsargil

Pages :244-249Download PDF

Physical therapy in osteoarthritis of the knee

Kerime Citakoglu

Pages :250-253Download PDF

The place of tibial osteotomy in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee

Ugur Ozic

Pages :254-258Download PDF

Diagnostic arthroscopy and arthroscopic surgery in the osteoarthritis of the knee

Levent Kostem

Pages :259-264Download PDF

Knee prosthesis

Ahmet Sebik

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