Ultrosonographic diagnosis in pathologies of the rotator cuff

Mehmet Demirhan, Senol Akman, Yılmaz Akalın,


The diagnostic value of ultrasonography has gained more importance in the evaluation of shoulder pathoIogies and rotator cuff problems recently. 766 shoulders of 383 patients have been ultrasonographicafly examined in the Department of Orthopedics and traumatology, Istanbul Medical Faculty, between October 1991 and October 1993 we have diagnosed 38 complete rotator cuff tears and 25 isolated supraspinatus tears. In the cases with rotator cuff tears, vho had gnerative therapy, we compared the intra gnerative and ultrasonographic findings; the sensitivity was %85. 7, the specificity % 1 00 and positive vorrection % 1 00. We have found out that false negative results come out from cases with a cuff tear sımafler then 1-2 cm.

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