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Vol 52, No 6 (2018) Pages : 475- 479

Acute lumbosacral hemorrhagic ganglion cyst after transforaminal epidural steroid injection

Dong-yeong LEE, Young-jin PARK, Kun-tae KİM, Jeong-hee LEE, Dong-hee KİM

Epidural steroid injection is one of the most commonly used non-surgical treatments for degenerative lumbar vertebral disease. Its use has increased as degenerative lumbar vertebral disease has increased in frequency. Concomitant complications are being reported more often. In this report, we report a rare case of iatrogenic hemorrhagic cyst following epidural steroid injection. The patient underwent operative treatment with complete resolution of his symptoms
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Juxtafacet cyst Ganglion cyst Hemorrhage Epidural injection Complications