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Vol 52, No 3 (2018) Pages : 240- 243

Brown-Sequard syndrome caused by hyperextension in a patient with atlantoaxial subluxation due to an os odontoideum

Dong-yeong LEE, Soon-taek JEONG, Tae-ho LEE, Dong-hee KİM

Brown-Sequard syndrome is an uncommon complication of atlantoaxial arthrodesis. A 50-year-old female visited our emergency department after falling from a ladder. Radiologic evaluations revealed chronic C1-2 instability with acute spinal cord injury. The day after atlantoaxial fusion was performed, she developed left-sided motor weakness and the loss of right-sided pain and temperature sensation. Based on physical examination and radiologic findings, we diagnosed her as having Brown-Sequard syndrome. Spine surgeons performing this procedure should therefore consider Brown-Sequard syndrome if a patient displays signs of postoperative hemiplegia.
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Os odontoideum Atlantoaxial joint Instability Arthrodesis Brown-Sequard syndrome Cervical fixation Complication