Congenital extensor tendon dislocation causing pseudotriggering of the little finger

Meriç ÇIRPAR, Bülent DAĞLAR, Birhan OKTAŞ,


The main complaints in extensor tendon dislocations are pain, swelling, sense of discomfort, snapping and difficulty in writing and forceful flexion. However, congenital extensor tendon subluxations may present with triggering of the fingers due to tendon dislocations. Unnecessary A1 pulley release may be performed for pseudotriggerring with unsuccessful results. Here, we report an unusual case of congenital extensor tendon subluxation of multiple digits with triggering of the left little finger and aim to attract notice to pseudotriggering of the digits due to tendon dislocations. An extensor hood reconstruction performed by an extensor digitorum communis tendon slip which is passed beneath the deep intermetacarpal ligament is a successful choice of treatment for these patients.

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